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Wenzhou Shenhai Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. At present, it has formed a modern enterprise which integrates product development, whole machine and parts manufacturing, quality control and after-sales service.

Our company now supplies a large number of GN20-2A carpet sewing machine, GN20-2B carpet sewing machine, GN20-2C carpet sewing machine, GN20-2D container bag sewing machine, GN20-3 carpet sewing machine, GN20-3A carpet sewing machine, SH2502 carpet edge wrapping machine, GN20-1 single-thread joint sewing machine, GN20-2 gunny bag sewing machine, RG2200 carpet wool edge wrapping machine, GK8-2 type wrapping machine, GK35-2A type sewing machine, GKS + conveyor. Packing sewing machine, GK9-2 portable packer, GK9-12 portable gun type packer, GK26-1A portable packer, etc.

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